Poetry by Faye Hall

Again by Faye Hall

When things are done
And words are said,
Pain and misery will be at an end.
No people will cry,
No more children will die,
And the world’s wrath will be at an end…
When judgement day comes again.

Copyright© Faye Hall

And I See by Faye Hall

And I see.....
The things.....
You thought I’d put away.....

I hear your voice.....
It’s calling out to me...
And a tear falls down your cheek....
As you slowly drift away....

Things have changed my love....
Not too much left to give.....
And I see the pain....
It consumes me.....

Copyright© Faye Hall

Angel Of Heaven by Faye Hall

Far across the universe
Beyond the starry sky
Lives an angel of heaven
Who’s long since been disguised
He’s bold and beautiful
And strong and brave
He is our salvation from his world
Our friend he’s been for so long
But tears fill his eyes
He’s sad at what he sees
His gift of the earth
And the kindness he gave us to show
Have longs since disappeared
So now he cries in silence
As the whole world cries out loud.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Angles Wings by Faye Hall

Raise my hands to the sky
Let the wind guide them in flight
Then as if god were to let me fly
Let me touch an angels wings tonight.
My hand rests on your heart
Feel the blood run deep
Then away on god’s command
All the pain shall sleep.

Then I ask dear god
Just one final dream
As if you were the god in heaven
Please then explain to me
Why a child must cry
Or be afraid
Or wish to maybe die
The pity that you take on them
Soars on towards the light
And as you greet them at your door
When everything is right
You smile a smile that is so soft
Like the angel’s wings that flew them there that night.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Angel Wings by Faye Hall

Wings of an angel
They drift us all by
As they take us our journey
To a lesson learned in time
They guide us through the wilderness
And past the great divides
But never do they leave us
Always by our side
And through tragedy and destruction
You may conquer through
But not on your own grace
Shall it ever be
It will be on angel’s wings
A glory for all to see.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Bare Canvas by Faye Hall

Walk tall
Carry your head high
Never on the wealthy do you look down
They are what you wish to be
And an image you try to create
But you will be what god intended
As it be everyones fate
So you with your painted face
And your falsely colored hair
May think your image is safe
No one will know what you used to be
But behind the wealth you think you have
The colored dye and the paint
A bare canvas is all you are
And this is what people will always see
For this is your fate by god
To become what you used to be
Before you made the image
That you want people to see.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Bare Façade by Faye Hall

Look past a bare façade
And tell me what you see
Can you describe to me
What it is trying to be?
It’s painted like a doll
But of porcelain it’s not made
A proud smile on its face
But the image my dear is fake
For a smell of paint
The smile does reak
Fancy clothes of satin and silk
Are expensive to any eye
But cheap they smell
As if they were covered in silt
And yet again we do look
Upon such a bare façade
See upon it all beauty and glory
Yet to the eye of knowledge
It is like a child’s paint set –

At first colors and beauty for all the world to see
But as time ticks by
And days becomes night
The beauty is washed away.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Grain Of Sand by Faye Hall

Created was beauty
And then the gift of sight;
God used all his grains of sand
And he created for each a place that was safe.
But one grain he did save…
And from that grain
God created you.

You, his little angel,
Who took the world by storm
And shook out all the evil
And all that did n’t belong.
Then all the pain you took yourself
And you turned to me and smiled.

“Don’t worry,” you said.
“I’ll be alright,” you told me.

And with that you closed your eyes;
You stretched your wings to fly.
And as you rose above it all
Your last feather it did fall.


Copyright© Faye Hall

Bewilderment by Faye Hall

I remember once I ventured forth through that which bewildered me,
And as I reached the end I turned back
And went through it once more.
Strange it may sound,
And indeed it may be worse,
But what else could I do
For I yearned to discover you.

So again through bewilderment I travel,
And look forward through the clouds
To see a light from darkness
And a storm from silver clouds.

Bewilderment no more I seek,
Nor through it shall I travel,
For I do not need all this to know you.

I only need your love,
And this I already have.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Blind To Me by Faye Hall

Years have passed us by and yet I still know
That each time you hold my hand
Or kiss my lips
It is her you see.
Though it be my face before you
You look in to her eyes
And touch your lips on hers
And always you are blind to me.

But that’s ok, my love.
I can take it in,
At least I thought I could.
But I guess I lied.

I want you too love me
And hold my body tight;
Look in to my eyes
And touch my lips.

But I know you won’t,
And that’s ok.
I can take it,
At least I thought I could anyway.

And as I packed my bag
I felt a tear drop to the floor;
I walked to the door
And turned for my last goodbyes.
I felt a tear but I wiped it away.
You wouldn’t care to know that I cried,
But then you never cared anyway.
So as I walked away, the tears flow
And I turn back to see her standing at your door.

She smiles at me and I know she is home,
And now my love so are you.

I guess I could’ve stayed,
But I knew I wasn’t her,
And always to you
That’s who I supposed to have been.

So I may cry,
And my heart may break,
But now your free
And so am I
To search on and on…

…until I feel a hand touch my face.

As I turn
Before me is a face
And I see your eyes
And I touch your lips
And I know I wish that he was you.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Boxes by Faye Hall

Take my hand
And let me lead you up the aisle.

Look to your left…
Tell me what you see.
Look to your right…
Tell me what you see.

As you walk you look and see
Boxes everywhere.
Inside each shines a light.
Inside each lives a life.

As you walk you look for your,
But your name you cannot see.

So you’ve reached the end
And in no box have you found a home.

You are not like them
Those whose lives must live in a box;
Not like those
Who cannot see past those four walls.

You are alone…
You are an outcast…
You do not belong here…

You start to feel sad,
You start to feel lonely.

You look longingly at the boxes;
As a tear falls down your cheek
You see something you didn’t see before.

And you start to feel…


Copyright© Faye Hall

Celtic Child by Faye Hall

The street is full of blood;
Gunshots are heard far ahead.
Tears fill the eyes of a child,
He doesn’t understand why there is death.
Through his eyes all things are good,
And he sees all these things
That the rest of us should.
But we can’t see past our selves.

So he cries
Like only a child could cry.
As he dies
There will be no more tears shed.
Is this how we value our lives?

If so, God let me be this child
So all the suffering will end.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Child Of War by Faye Hall

Try to imagine the hurt those people felt –
Their homes are gone; their children too,
Yet they still travel on strong.

Try to imagine what those people saw –
Did they see the bullets fly?
Did they watch a young man die?

Try to remember what you heard those people say –
Did they cry out to you in pain?

It is said that tears of a child are only water
But a shrill cry from their heart
Will wake you up at night.

So have you stopped imagining yet?
Have you been woken by those watery tears?
Can you look beyond the hills?
The children have stopped crying
For most of then were killed;
But through the mist
And through the fog
An image you do see.
He’s walking all so slowly
For he can barely see.
A child of war he is
And a child of war he’ll die;
The misery he’s seen in his life
Always makes him cry.

The child asked a General,
“Just why does war exist?
For the children that suffer through
Never recover from what they see.”
The General patted him on the head
And casually replied,
“Children will remember
And learn from this they will;
For when the age and a General like me
They will do as I have done –
They will fight with honour.”
The child shook his head,
As he walked away to die
Amongst the already broken bodies
Of children he knew.

The General heard him say,
“But General, there is no honour for a child of war.”

Copyright© Faye Hall

Close The Curtains by Faye Hall

Look outside your window
Past the doorway in the hall,
Tell me what you see.
Did you see the angel fall?
Did you close your eyes in fright
Or in mere dismay?
I ask you please tell me,
For my life can’t be the same,
I need to hear you say those words,
Tell me how you feel today.
Are there tears welled up in your eyes?
Do you wanna cry
Or are you just afraid?
There’s nothing left for us to do;
No things left unsaid;
Our eyes are closed up tight
They are shut off from the pain.

Pain…can you see it out your window?
Pain…do you see the war outside?

Green is all around you;
You focus on the hills;
Blood flows quickly around your feet;
No more can you take.
You scream out
But no one’s there to hear you.
You cry out
But no one’s there to wipe your tears away.
So you close your window;
You draw the curtains close;
You close the door;
You open your eyes…
Isn’t it lovely to live inside?

Copyright© Faye Hall

Dragons by Faye Hall

Maybe you are;
Wisdom you gave us
Though we search you afar;
Strength you were seen as
From Arabs to Tsars.

But magical…mythical
Soon you were gone.
Those you befriended
Took you to war,
And slain you they did
Till the last one was gone.

No one listened to your song.
So great warriors
Now you must fly,
And live in the heavens
That we see through the sky.
Your stars they shall shine on us
Forever be true.

Each night I will look to the sky
And someday I hope to find you.

Copyright© Faye Hall

He... by Faye Hall

He sits and watches tv
No matter what is on
The world in his eyes is simple
There ain’t nothing cruel or horrific
Till one day his world changed
But even then he didn’t cry
With all his pain inside him
He could still make you smile
No matter what was happening
He would show you the light
The smile on his face
Meant more than a hundred words
A hundred…not many words could he speak
But he gave out hope
Like candy in his hand
He was just a little boy
Eight years old…not a man
He was our little boy
His name was Ben.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Dreams Of The Mind by Faye Hall

Dear sir
I beg you please
Please tell me why I dream.

I ask you see
For you be who gave them to me.
I cannot understand them
I this I find very hard
For always I have tried
To mentally get along.

So please dear sir,
You the dream master,
The creator of the night,
Tell me why I’m dreaming
And it is they mean.

Are they stories to be told?
Or fairy tales to be written?
Could they be songs to be sung?

No, I think not.

I think they be my gateway,
And you, my dear, the key.
If this be so
No more answers shall I beg.
For down my path
I, you have lead.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Edge Of The Universe by Faye Hall

Go to the edge of the universe
Seek out what you need
Touch the sick and the distraught
With your healing hands
Carry to the future
Your lessons of pain
Hope they will hold them close
So the stories are learnt
Take me to the edge
And carry me past it
In to a dimension of loneliness and uncertainty
For it is only here I am home
This is the pain I already know.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Finn McCool by Faye Hall

A giant at the end of his world
Who stares across the sea and wonders…
“Of all the people I’ve killed
and all the villages I’ve burnt,
she took my hand in hers,
and still she loved me.”

Across the ocean he looks for her,
But his eyes fail to see…
And so it begins…

Each stone, piece by piece,
He places down on his journey across.
As he stops to rest he wonders…

Will he reach his love before he dies?
In desperation, his strength powers on.
But he grows older each day,
Each day growing in despair.
And before long he sits against a tree,
His eyes close from aging tiredness.
He sees his love, an image at least,
And prays to her to never let him die.
For he will live forever if she takes his love,
Then his memory will live
And only his body will die.
As he breathes his last breath,
He takes a last look at what should have been.

The causeway of a giant
To a girl across the sea.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Fly by Faye Hall

Images have passed you
Still blind to life you are;
And as you watch the birds fly
You think for you, that’s too far.

So on solid ground you stand,
Your feet firm below you
Your eyes see straight ahead.
They never drift from that place.

And still you don’t move
And you criticize those that fly.

If this is how we must live
I welcome the day I shall die.

Copyright© Faye Hall

For My Benjamin by Faye Hall

Illusions in time
Make up a rhyme.
Find which way to go.
Look back to the people
And show them all
That life is but a show.
So give them your reason
For going your way.
Tell them of seasons
And why they don’t stay;
And there before you
Will go a life
That though you’ve been through
Never cut like a knife.

So I give you a gift
To treasure for long.
As you look back on those people
You finish your song.
Take your gift and learn to give,
For your greatest treasure

Was your will to live.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Gentle Giant by Faye Hall

Concentrate very hard,
Tell me what’s inside,
Of everything so beautiful
And all that is sublime.
Take a walk for me
Through wilderness and caves
And swim a journey far and wide
Where no one else has been.
Then take a look outside
Beyond the sheltered walls,
Can you see the birds flying?
Or the little animals that crawl?
Is there anything outside
That you can really see,
Or is the outside silent,
Is it opaque and oblique?

Please, Gerard, don’t look down from your chair,
Your sturdy seat in heaven;
Just enjoy the beer, it’s free you know,
And down here you’ll remain a legend.
Our gentle giant we beg you please
Don’t be hard on God,
For he needed you more than us.
It was you who heard his song.

So be good up there young man,
And don’t be hell to pay,
For we shall see you again.
Again Gerard…someday.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Gift Of Thanks by Faye Hall

Open the world’s arms
And receive what she gives.
There is such beauty found within
The arms of the universe.
They give all they possess
To satisfy the growing greed of man.
In honour and thanks we will return
To strip the open arms bare.
Taken is all that can’t be held.
Control given to what can’t be controlled.
All that is rare we destroy to extinct.
What a gift of thanks to give.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Her Sacrifice by Faye Hall

He was a stranger to the world
But known by a little girl
She loved the man who hurt her
There was a secret
Kept between he and a friend
It was the secret of the man
And the rules he would bend
She never knew that it was wrong
The reason it happened for so long.

She made a promise
That she would survive
Be something or someone
But as much as she tried
She would continue to cry
Her heart and soul had died
She fought to have survival
Tries to forget the man she had loved
Try as she did
She was still a child at heart
And the man
He remained a memory in her mind.

The girl has grown to a woman now
With diamond rings and satin gowns
She did wed but she did not tell
Her secret was silent
While the church rang its bells

This woman has grown
Now too old to live
She’s given out so much in life
But her heart it still aches
On her bed she hold her lover tight
Her secret to him she tells
As she takes her last breath of life.

Copyright© Faye Hall

His Name by Faye Hall

Take a glance and turn away
There’s too much pain for you to bear
Close you eyes and the murders won’t look inside
Inside your mind
Slaves will never be slaves
Inside your heart
There will be no war again
But your heart is breaking
And your mind ain’t so clear
So the world becomes cloudy
No beauty to appear
But I hope and I pray
That maybe again someday
There will be a soul born
On this earth with your heart and mind
If that soul is born
He will have but one name
That name would be…

Copyright© Faye Hall

Labelled By Fate by Faye Hall

Treasure me and take my hand
And lead me to your bed,
For forgiveness God will give me,
He knows this fate is all I could be.

So today I must greet you
And accept what you think of me,
I know more honour I do have
For at least honestly is how I live.
Yet you think you honourable,
For some man’s wife you be,
But no pleasure shall you know
Or happiness shall you see,
For the only love you’ll know
Will come only from thee.

Though your husbands I take them to bed,
And all I do is embrace,
I seek only the love of one man;
One that holds only my own grace;
But a husband he is.
Though he says he loves me so,
And bare this I must,
For my own self exists by lust.

So you goodly wives I tell you this,
That an oath you may have taken
And honour it you will,
But love your husbands you never shall
This is why I must lead them to my bed.
I give them an illusion
That can’t exist in this world
That you goodly men created.
Because of this
I must continue to embrace my fate.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Lord by Faye Hall

Give me strength
So I may one day be
All those things inside
That only you can see

Take me to a land where promised lands divide
And hold my hand to keep me safe
From what thoust commands
The blood is seeping through
And reach me yet it may
But with your protection close to me
I know I shall sleep safe tonight

Copyright© Faye Hall

Mask by Faye Hall

I see a face that hides behind a mask Feelings that you used to feel It all seems so unreal But the mask keeps living Taking more and more Of the boy I once knew and loved It gets harder each day to face the growing of the mask To lay beside it every night But I must try. You had once the kindest soul And touched my heart with every touch But try as I would I could not stop it For my love was not strong enough So the mask grew What was once my life and hope Now just a wish as I look at you. My worst dream, it has come true. Change you did Your face is gone Only a faint touch do I get near my heart But I smile and look around And pretend like nothing is wrong Still the mask grows stronger Each day I have to pray Though my heart is breaking I wonít show you no pain. So we live Ė myself and the mask Happiness I try to find and show thatís what we are. But past the drink, the smoke, the abuse I pray you may return For I am growing weak and donít know where to turn And I look in to the mirror And changes I do see My heart is gone My soul is too Still I smile and carry on I guess I wear a mask for you.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Mortal Despair by Faye Hall

Walking on a road
You’ve never travelled.
You think you’re going somewhere.
But this road belongs to the devil.
Once he has you in his sights
He won’t let you escape.
You will all be his,
Become his mortal despair.

He has stalked you through the night,
And haunted you through the day.
He will ask you questions
But never hear what you say.

He does not wish you harm
For he has no reason;
Yet you are part of his game
And at the end you will pay.

You have come to the end of the road,
And now you must choose.
Shall you follow freedom,
Or fight the devil and loose.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Passion by Faye Hall

Passion be passion
And lust be lust,
I choose these things
For this I know to trust.
Whilst a prayer may be a prayer,
And justice may indeed be just,
No love for their wives do these husbands have,
Those that affectionately kiss my bust.
So I surrender guilt
No justice do I know,
For I’ve embraced my fate
Wherever it may go.
But to be a courtesan is honourable,
Much more honesty it enfolds,
Then to be a loveless wife
Of a man whose heart is cold.
So I embrace the passion
And no marriage do I seek,
For the love of a single man I own
And the passion of all the men in Rome.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Precious Souls by Faye Hall

Precious souls are crying out
But no one hears them though they shout
They are screaming like lambs to the slaughter
Like a father chastising his daughter

Precious souls cry out in fear
They are to loose all that is dear
Are they dreaming or is it real?
Is it a judgement day deal?

Precious souls are crying
Because most of them are dying
They know not what they caused
But more like what they want to deserve

Precious souls are hurting mother earth
From the pyramids in Egypt
To the dust in Perth
They cause the horror to much despair
Horror that they ain’t prepared to repair.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Save Us by Faye Hall

He stares at the world
Salvation is in his command
As the world passes him by
A tear falls from his eyes
And you slowly hear his heart break
It was made in beauty
But now it falls at his feet
“save us”
“save us”
he hears
but his father has already closed the gate.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Sing Me A Song by Faye Hall

Sing me a song
Put lyrics to my name
And let me sing it a thousand times
Then maybe once again
Ask me questions
You know I’ll never answer
Then hold out your hand
And brush it on my cheek
Sing about tomorrow
Or how yesterday used to be
Then sing me a song once more
Then I’ll ask you once again
Sing to me.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Spent Childhood by Faye Hall

A moment in time
Just a stitch in the line
Fragments of a spent childhood
Are drifting us all by
We wave, so oblivious to the world
The sun is in our eyes
Is it this that makes us blind?
Can we ever get it back
That feeling so long ago
We felt it when we walked
And as our parents watched us grow
It is a feeling, that which we cannot loose
Open your heart and look inside
If you open your eyes
Don’t look blind
It’s amazing what you might find
You may even find those secrets
Those from a spent childhood.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Streets by Faye Hall

I walk the streets alone
My sins are etched in stone
It’s a carnival of souls
That surround me where I go
Darkness is my friend
Light has come to an end…
End of the road
No more travels shall I see
No more carnivals shall ever follow me
As I walk the streets alone

Copyright© Faye Hall

Tears Of Death by Faye Hall

Tears fall and brush down his cheek;
His lips are trembling with fear;
What can he do?
He looks outside the window,
Smoke has filled the sky;
Children are screaming;
Parents are crying;
Falling to the ground, birds can no longer fly.
What can he do?
He shuts his eyes and prays.
He can’t understand why there is death;
Why in this world there is pain;
So he prays to God to keep him sane.
Tears fall and keep on falling,
His head hits the floor.
He tries to breath but can’t,
So he checks his wound and screams…

The pain is easing and the tears stop falling
And to him suddenly the world is black.
He dies slowly and alone
With only the tears in his eyes.

Copyright© Faye Hall

The Boy by Faye Hall

Carry me on the wings of an angel
Take me past heaven to the great divide
Can there be silence in a world of noise?

There stands a boy over behind that tree
He smiles and asks
“Can you play with me?”
but your ears cannot hear his words
for the silence has travelled you from your own world.

So the boy he plays behind the trees
No friend in this world, neither this or the one he left
But you still smile at him hoping he will forget
But that child can’t forget…
He is special
You look back one last time
And there is no child to be seen

…instead stands a man…

he reaches out his hand
to save you from the silence
but you still smile
and hope he doesn’t realise you can’t hear him
so you don’t even try.

You see a tear in the man’s eye…
And blood falls from his hands…
But still you can’t see that this man can’t forget
You close your eyes and open them again…

Before you is the child
There is no more man
The child is crying as you pass him by
Blood falls from his hands…
He screams out
“I would die for you!”
you smile and hope he forgets that you passed him by
that boy was the man
and once he did die…
blood poured from his hands
he gave his life to save our souls
he was the one they could not forsake.

The boy…
The man…

He was the son of Christ.

And he taught us that silence can’t live where there is hope.
It can only thrive on the ignorance
Of those too self absorbed
To believe in something
Other then themselves.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Brave Child by Faye Hall

Fire sparks up behind the tree,
There’s darkness everywhere;
From behind the smoke
In walks the child.
He’s nothing special, not to them,
And the soldiers let him pass.
A child they see,
They think what trouble could he be.
Then they hear a bang.

The child is standing so brave and strong,
He faces the whole world by himself.
The pain around him is closing in
But he fights with all his heart.
Through the smoke and the fire,
Pass the broken bodies in the street,
He holds his head high
As he walks with pride.

He has fought his war
And won it with love,
And from this all hope was created
…to save the world.

Copyright© Faye Hall

The Child by Faye Hall

Small child running through the streets.
Lovely child learning how to weep.
And as he goes, forever he shall know
That once he was loved.

Little child tell the world it’s wrong.
Brave child ask them what it is you’ve done wrong.
For always tall you should walk
For the war outside you did not cause
You only fought.

But still, little one, brave you shall stand,
And fight the soldiers off your family’s land,
And still be forever just a dream
But a small child you shall always be to me.

Copyright© Faye Hall

The End by Faye Hall

He watches the world below,
Cars racing back and forth,
People rushing, money to be made.

But he just watches.

He sees what once was,
The beauty and serenity.
Bright colours, odd shapes in his mind.
The psychic told him he was wrong.
He was told to be the same, not different anymore.

His eyes become round, not triangles anymore.
The world became a chore, no more songs were sung.
Things around him changed within that day.
And as he floated from the building
They still rushed around.

Then the world’s hope smashed on the ground.

Copyright© Faye Hall

The Little Boy by Faye Hall

Little boy
Why is it you visit me each night?
Why is it I who can only see you?

Little one
You be no younger
Nor no older than me,
So how my dear can I help you?
There’s nothing I can say or do
To set your fearful thoughts free.

Little babe
I beg you please to take my guilt
So forever I may rest;
Cause it was my fear of you
That I never did come
And play with you.

Little boy
Years have passed us both by
And still some nights I hear you cry.
I can still see you rolled up in fear,
Each time you thought danger was near.

Little one
Though it may mean nothing now,
Nor may it have then;
You could have just been an image,
A conjure from my mind.
But I must ask still,
Though years have surpassed our time,
There’s one thing left for you to do.

Please…little boy…who sits with tears in his eyes…tell me…please…

…who were you before you called on me?

Copyright© Faye Hall

The Sound by Faye Hall

Reach out with your hand
And touch my fingers lightly
What do you feel?
Take away all the space between us
Put us side by side
What do you think?
Listen…is it quiet?
Listen…can you hear that sound?
Across the universe far away
On a planet that doesn’t exist
Can you hear all that sound?
There are no crashes
There are no bombs
Children fill the grounds
Giggles can be heard for miles
And its under this that the sound is

It is the sound of happiness
Remember it for it is special and rare.

Copyright© Faye Hall

The Voice by Faye Hall

I would sit there in the dark
And I’d wait for your call each night
Just to hear your voice
And listen as you’d say my name.
I guess it sounds silly,
And maybe even strange,
But this is what I did
For I was still so young.

Now an adult I have become,
And a life I do live.
Yet still I think back to those
Nights I would sit in the dark
And I’d wait for your call.
I can remember your voice,
And words you would say,
But never did I see your face,
Nor shall I ever again.

Copyright© Faye Hall

The Woman’s Eyes by Faye Hall

Understand that what has happened and what will be has nothing to do with the outcome…

How do you say goodbye
With the strength not to cry;
Listen to the words
As they slowly float away.
If there was a reason
What would it be?
How would it come so you could never see
The hurt that’s been done
To the one you once loved.

The journey begins with the hope and love of a boy who sees nothing…

…But the eyes of a woman,
One who he should not see.
He says his goodbyes
Then leaves for his love;
Laying beside her at night
With the dream of
The woman’s eyes.

To end the sequence of troubles and lies, the boy ends the lies and becomes…

A slave to the world,
One who could not win;
He stands at the aisle
Waiting for his bride to appear.
They say their words and kiss.
He loves her all night
But with each kiss he dreams…
…he dreams of the woman’s eyes.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Their Pain by Faye Hall

Walking…straight lined…chained together.
You are all prisoners
But you hold your head high.
Look into their eyes…
Can you feel their pain?
Do you feel the evil these people hide inside
Under all their religious robes?

Inside your cell you imagine
What it would be like to be them,
Then as night comes,
And you are filled in with darkness,
You do not realise that this
Is the feeling that you yearn for?

So you look from your cell,
Be it made of stone and bars.
You know that your soul was once free
To see all that is beautiful and serene in this world.
Yet those people you yearn to be like
Would not know true beauty
If it were to sit in front of them.

I wonder as I write these words
Who were the true prisoners?
Were they the ones in chains,
Or were they the righteous ones
Who preached what they do not believe?

I wonder…

Copyright© Faye Hall

Time by Faye Hall

When time is done it will release you from its pain,
That which was done will fade away.
I’ll not go to the holy land
But stay in this hell.
From here to eternity, my story I’ll tell.
I will remember the lines that were sung;
The storms never ending
Like when time just begun;
It holds my secrets and keeps all my pain.
What was once done to me
Will be done again.

Copyright© Faye Hall

To Be A Courtesan by Faye Hall

You look from your treasured throne
To look down on those like me;
But if you could only see
What freedom there could be.
Your stares, though they are deep,
Could not give honour to your state,
And from the moment your words were spoke
My mother brought forward my fate.

So painted face, silks and lace
Forever shamed my soul,
But love hath been my life
Much more then if I your wife.
Yet your lust for me will grow,
Whilst with husbands I must go,
For I have mouths to feed like you.

Then one day refusal no more,
And to my bed you came.
You took me as your lover
Not just a lustful dame.
But whore I was and whore I am,
Forever this to be;
For the mere want of a dowry
Was why you did not marry me.

So I have learnt to embrace it all,
And love not man but pleasure;
For a whore I should rather be
Than a wife with no knowledge of passion.

So women of Venice,
Stand and embrace.
Your life be but a cage of hell,
Though you stand where’st I could never be;
And my cage to you seems so big,
But a cage it still is to me.
For though a courtesan’s life is free,
Your loving wife I shall never be.

Copyright© Faye Hall

Trail Of Tears by Faye Hall

Follow the trail wherever it goes.
Don’t look back
Death is on your heals
To pay you for the wrongs
That weren’t done by you.
So you carry your women and children
Down this endless trail,
Where white man’s rules
Kill you each by each…
Spirit by spirit…
Soul by soul…
So you reach the border of safety
And the soldiers send you back.
Back home…
But there’s no home left to see.

You sit in your tepee
On this bare ground
That was once filled by your soul.
Pain runs through your heart…
You lean forwards…
Your heart slowly breaks
From all the peace you tried to live
That the white man took away.

This was your story…
This was your journey…
This was your trail of tears.

Copyright© Faye Hall

True Americans by Faye Hall

Take a look around,
Pain rises from the dust,
And as the dirt cloud clears
You look down in disgust.
The faces of the little ones –
These’s nothing left to see.
Women are all gone –
Their blood flows like a sea.
And we, white creed, can’t see the blood,
Or any agony that we’ve caused,
All we see is land –
Land that we want from them to be mine and yours.
So away they go as we push them further back.
It’s time their homes must move,
And they must walk the track.
They did not have a choice,
They lived in fear of their lives,
For if they did not move they were shot.

So now the years have past,
And few are still around.
But the white creed we grew
And continued to hunt then down.
So now who remains, they hold no love for white,
For it were we that took away their homes.
We took away their life.
We even tried to take their souls.
We gave them labels –
Those of ‘savage’ and ‘Indian’.
But I think back on their lives,
And that of us white creed.
I wonder if I met an ‘Indian’,
Would he be the ‘savage’ or would I?

Copyright© Faye Hall

Why by Faye Hall

Raise your hands up to the sky
And pray up to heaven
And ask the question why
Why the children on the street
Run back and forth in pain
Why all the little faces
Face up towards the rain
Why can’t I see
What it is I can’t save
And I that estranged
From living in this world
Let me see
Just what your reaching too
Can you feel it touch your skin
What can you see?

Copyright© Faye Hall

With Love From Aunty Lisa by Faye Hall

Lying silent
They think you are sleeping
But you’re watching the world go by
Taking in every moment that we take for granted
And praying that someday
We will see what you’ve been watching

You’ve seen children come
And you’ve seen their parents weep for them
When they have to go
Your hand has touched every heart
But now you need us to touch yours

No more hope can you deliver
Though joy you’ll always bring
In your bed you lay dying
Yet of us is all you think

“don’t be sad mummy”
“Please don’t cry Daddy”

you know you’re going to a safe place
but come back and visit us soon
from your new home that is so safe
for you’ll be missed by each and all
from your family to the man who hold the door
your smiles, your hugs, your kisses they’ll miss

and me…I miss you…my nephew
the little child I saw grow
the boy I bathed, I changed, but above all I loved.

You may go but your place in my heart
Will forever stay.

…Safe journey Benjamin…
…Safe journey…

Copyright© Faye Hall

You The Moon by Faye Hall

Look to the sky,
There’s a dark cloud over the moon.
Doubt lies in your heart.
There’s no future anymore.
Then as you walk further
You see things not understood.
Hope comes down and you grasp it in your hand.
Now with your friend, you look to the sky.
There’s no more clouds to be seen,
All the darkness did subside.
You smile to your self
As the truth you realise.

Dark was your willing heart.
Hope was the moon.
And the moon was you.

Copyright© Faye Hall

by Faye Hall

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Copyright© Faye Hall